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Easy and affordable plans enable to power your courses with combined might of Edulytics and Open edX. Scale and adapt to your needs as you grow on the fly.
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Powered by Open edX - Life time free.
USD 0 /mo

  • Edulytics LMS


The basic features to offer free online courses

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Includes Everything in Free

  • Your own branding
  • Community & Discussion forums
  • Social login
  • Analytics
  • Gamification with Badges and Levels
  • Mobile Applications
  • Supports for paid courses
  • Creation of Course Content
  • Interactive Assignments
  • Files and Uploads
  • Support for Video Subtitles
  • Inbox


The basic features + a selection of extra features to enhance your site

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Includes Everything in Advance

  • Third Party Auth
  • Website integration
  • Customised Look and feel
  • Advanced xblocks
  • Multilanguages
  • Customised Registration
  • Bulk Registrations
  • Users API
  • Enrollment API
  • Data API
  • Mobile API
  • Split Payments


All the basic and advanced features at your disposal

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Includes Everything in Premium

  • Aggregator market place
  • Course Aggregation Platform
  • Onboarding of Recording Studios
  • Single Sign On to Partner LMS platforms

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We recommend to start small and grow to the extent of your real demand.

If you already have a large user base, we offer both As a Service and On premise alternatives tailored to suit your requirements.

Make sure you reach out to get a free consultancy and review your specific needs with one of our specialists.