Why Edulytics

Edulytics is a powerful MOOC Platform that helps instructors in managing the courses effeciently, in tracking learner progress, grading their achievements, provides for certification managment and measuring the efficiency any learning activity providing critical feedback to institutions in real time.

Deep Customization

Open edX platform provides for several standard MOOC platform features out of the box, however clients have their own business needs. RaiFox provides for deep customization from tinkering course structure, customizing XBlocks to providing enriching learner experiences.

Course Authoring and Management services

RaiFox provides for comprehensive CMS(Content Management System) Assistance to it's esteemed clients. CMS Allows Course authors to create content in a way that encapsulates interactive learning, multimedia content, enable colloboration, assigments and assessment.

Mobile Application Development

Access course content from anywhere. We ensure the content is delivered to various devices while optimized for the Form Factor of the device. Applications for both iOS and Android are supported.

Social Login and Single Sign on(SSO) support

Social login support helps users login via social authentication providers like Google, Twitter & Facebook. Single Sign on provides for authentication vouching of users, so that users do not have to repeat login to use various essential features, access content across the platform or associated services/applications.


To develop an effective learning environment through innovative approaches,We provide gamification, where in User earn Badges and level up while they are learning and completing the assignments. We make learning fun.

MooCs for Corporates

Corporates can build their own online training in an Interactive way on a Secure LMS platform. They can track their employees progress and reduce training costs with digital learning tools and content.

What is the Open edX platform?

The Open edX platform is a powerful open source learning management system (LMS) used by organizations from all over the world to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training modules. The edX® organization, a nonprofit founded by Harvard and MIT, designed and released the Open edX platform in 2013 with the goal of making it possible for universities and institutions to deliver high-quality courses to learners everywhere.

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